miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

Tension in Russian

About 1200 people, including several ultra-nationalist, have been detained in central Moscow as part of an operation to prevent possible riots. Moscow police say they have the situation in the capital under control, although the latest information does not match these messages.

Tension has increased in the early afternoon when several groups of youths clashed with security forces near a major shopping centers in the capital. The detainees have been taken in special buses to tomárseles statement. Throughout the day hundreds of officers have been guarding the area controlling the subway exits.

Currently in the square near the Kievskaya station is about 300 people, including Russian immigrants from the Caucasus and journalists, as about 3,000 police try to control the situation.

There had been called a demonstration in response to the events of last Saturday, when thousands of people gathered near Red Square and staged violent riots. Dozens of youths were injured, including police and citizens of Caucasian origin. The protests were the result of the death of a fan who was attacked by a norcásico.

The first fight between a nationalist and a Caucasian and was interrupted by law enforcement. The two are arrested. While the police try to impose order, increases tension and clashes in several parts of the square. The latest reports indicate that some 200 young people who had to leave the place because of police pressure has blocked a nearby street. Another 150 have been blocked Ride Rostovskaya riverside

According to recent data, heavy fighting also took place near the metro station Park Kultury. According to Russian media, there have been casualties. A portion of the security forces who were controlling the situation in the plaza adjacent to the Kievskaya station, close to the area, had to travel to the scene to end the unrest in Park Kultury.

The leader of the Caucasus Law Center is here to calm the protesters and try to stop the riots. According to him, for several days has been urging young people not participating in fighting.

In Tretiakovskaya subway station, also in central Moscow, young people, it is believed that the majority of Caucasian origin, started a fight with the police. The correspondence between the two platforms of the station is closed and now the police try to disperse dozens of rioters to control the situation.

Also there was another fight in another part of central Moscow. The participants were armed with bats and armor. Five of them have been seriously injured.

In the clashes between groups of young people in Moscow has been about 30 people. 1207 of the participants have been arrested. The police have confiscated over 200 knives and 7 non-lethal weapons. Law enforcement will continue to monitor the situation in the city until late tonight.

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