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Кикимора. Dummy

Dummy, shishimora-in East Slavic mythology, the evil spirit at home, the little woman - Invisible (sometimes considered a house-wife). At night, small children are concerned, confused yarn (she likes to spin and weave lace - the sounds of spinning Kikimora. Portend trouble in the house) can survive the owners of the house; hostile men. It may harm the pet, especially chickens. The main attributes (communication with yarn, raw places, darkness) is similar to Kikimora Mokusha, an evil spirit, which continues the image of the Slavic goddess Mokosh. The name "Kikimora" - a compound word. The second part of which - the ancient name of the female character Mary, pestilences.Dummy - a character known primarily in the Russian North.

 Appears in the image of a little hunched ugly old woman, dressed in rags, slovenly and eccentric. Her appearance in the home or in commercial buildings (on the threshing floor in the stall or bath) was considered an evil omen. It was believed that she was settled in the homes. built on the "dirty" place (on the border or where the suicide was buried). Bylichka known that the newly-built house started up Kikimora that none of the tenants have not seen but always heard a voice that needs to run down to dinner households were removed from the table: naughty she threw pillows at night and frightened until then. survived until the entire family out of the house (Vyatka Province.).The peasants believed that Kikimora could "fill" when building a house carpenters or potters who wish to harm the owners for any reason. To do this, the master was made from wood chips and rags doll (action figure "frights") and laid it under the Matica (main beam) or in the front corner of the house.About his presence gives Kikimora know usually at night, usually during the Christmas holidays with all (or just the night before Christmas). In the Vologda region. told us that at Christmas she gives birth to children ("shushkanov"), which are emitted directly through the tube and remain on earth until the Epiphany.

 Lived in the house Kikimora hurts economy and otherwise annoy residents: throws and hits the dishes, interferes with sleep, noisy at night, catches bulbs, etc.: pulls out hair from the owner of the house, feathers in poultry cuts from sheep wool. It is believed that it causes damage to livestock, counting it (but it can count only up to three).Traditional occupations Kikimora recognized spinning and sewing: the night she spins for the hostess left tow, but the thumb, tearing, and confuses the thread, yarn or burning tow, if the owners, going to bed, not overshadowed their cross. Therefore, the peasants said, "From the frights shirt you will not wait."Sometimes, believe that Kikimora appears before his death of any member of the family: foreshadowing trouble, she comes out of hiding and crying. In rare cases, can help the owner Kikimora: bake bread, swing kids, wash dishes, care for livestock.Get rid of Kikimora extremely difficult. Amulet from her was a "chicken bog" - a stone with a natural orifice or neck of a broken jug with a cloth calico that hung above the roost to Kikimora not tortured chickens, and juniper, which tied a belt of salt shakers to Kikimora could not add salt to their bread husband-houses.

Some means of getting rid of Kikimora Lechebnik described in the 18th century. "... of the dummy in the house put a camel's hair, when susedka (identity dummy) pushes - lechba the same as wool Ryasno incense luggage under the hearth. " Dummy can be cast with the help of a conspiracy: "Oh, On the other art, dummy houses go out of the house goryunina soon."

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