viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

The Russian icebreaker Krasin and Admiral Makarov

The Russian icebreaker Krasin and Admiral Makarov, involved in the rescue of ships caught in the Sea of Okhotsk since last December, passed the most difficult part of their way to safer waters. They are towing the vessel and freezer factory Sodruzhestvo Nadezhdi Bereg. 

Vessels issued a distress signal on 30 December to be blocked by ice. Both carriers requested the support of the rescue teams to be taken to the waters and pose no threat. 

ITAR-TASS reports that the bailout was and is still being hampered by weather conditions with strong wind, about 30 meters per second, and temperatures of around -20 degrees Celsius. 

Despite these setbacks, the icebreakers successfully managed to tow her away protected by the toughest 10 miles, where there is a maximum ice pressure. Now the convoy will spend a few days is heading north of the Sea of Okhotsk, where is located the safe area. 

Along with Sodrózhestvo and Bereg Nadezhdi boat also caught scientist Professor Kiesewetter, and ships and Ostrov Tumnin Karaguinski, with a combined crew of about 550 people. 

This large group of boats were stranded by ice floes in the Gulf of Sakhalin region. The situation, though emerging, presents no hazard to the crew, as they have food, medicine and everything necessary for normal life. 

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