martes, 26 de octubre de 2010


Artiom Saveliev, 8 years old, rejected by their American adoptive parents, and sent back to their homeland only in a plane, does not want to go through the adoption, as reported by the defender of the Rights of the Child in Russia, Pavel Astakhov.

Before being adopted, Artiom lived in an orphanage in the city of Partizanska, in the Far East of Russia. In April this year he traveled alone aboard a plane from Washington to Moscow. He carried a bag with underwear, the Russian passport with U.S. visa. UU. and a message written by adoptive parents saying that they waived the adoption. The incident had a great public resonance.

Artiom now lives in a shelter for children in Moscow and has already rejected proposals for three families who wanted to host."At the moment, the child is at home in the center, has many friends there and they want it all," Astakhov said. He added that while psychologists are working with the child, and prepare for life in a new adoptive family.

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